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I offer Courses to encourage you to hone your own mindfulness skills in Godalming and surrounding villages in Surrey. These Courses are usually taught over 8 (or so) weeks to allow you time to learn the skills in session, and then practice them in your daily life. There is an opportunity to explore your experience whether you choose to learn as part of a group or individually, at each session as well as Home Practice between sessions.

The Courses have developed out of my personal experience as a patient with chronic pain, and the teachings of the evidence-based original MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) of Jon Kabat-Zinn and his team at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, the MBCT (Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy) programme developed by Zindel Segal, Mark Williams and John Teasdale, and the gentle wisdom of Michael Chaskalson, and Ciaran Saunders.  I am currently supervised by a CMRP supervisor; and I am registered as a Mindfulness Teacher on the UK Teachers Network Listing (website)


8-week Group Course
The 8-week Group Course is the traditional way to learn this secular mindfulness. I run courses as 8 weekly (where possible) two hour sessions + a "long practice session" (or an optional Day Retreat), in the Godalming and Guildford area. All courses require 45 minutes of Home Practice a day and allow you to appreciate mindfulness experientially.

Next scheduled Group Courses:

1.  Mindfulness 8-week Course.  Godalming - will be announced here.  Based on MBSR/MBCT and 10+ years of mindfulness teaching experience.  Suitable for those new to mindfulness and those wishing to refresh their practice.  Designed to support people working with distress and difficulties as well as to savour life, realise their potential and flourish.  The cost will be £240 for 8 x 2-hour day time sessions, handbook and audio recordings.  There will also be the opportunity to join a local Day Retreat at discount.  
Note: the audio recordings are my own guided meditation audio recordings. 

2.  Mindfulness for Life (MBCT-L).  Godalming - Tuesday mornings (9.30am - 11.30am) - from 24 September 2019.  8-week course pioneered by Oxford Mindfulness Centre (OMC).  An early opportunity to engage with this newly researched course from the OMC.  Suitable for those new to mindfulness and those wishing to refresh their practice.  The course incorporates the essential teachings from MBCT of mindfulness practices and cognitive-behavioural approaches to support people working with distress and difficulties as well as savouring life, realising their potential and flourishing.  Cost £240 for 8 x 2-hour day time sessions (concessions available for previous course graduates - please ask!).
Note: the audio recordings for this course are guided meditation practices that are made available by the OMC.  My own audio recordings will also be accessible to you.

If attending a Group Course is difficult for you, we can discuss the possibility of one-to-one work, either over the telephone or in person (in Godalming or Haslemere). We will have a (free) orientation session to help you decide if the Course is appropriate for you, and if you would like to work with me in this way.  

Follow-On sessions
These Days of Practice is designed for those who have an established mindfulness practice and/or have completed an 8-week course. More details on the Moments page.  Next Day Retreat at Fintry, Brook will be Saturday 14 December 2019 in their new purpose-built studio.

The Day Retreat in Hascombe will return in spring 2020 (9.30am - 4pm). Please contact me if you are interested.

Mindfulness Teacher Events
If anyone is interested in supporting their work as a mindfulness teacher or trainee by connecting with Friends of Bangor, please do get in touch.  Please see the Friends of Bangor website for more details or send me a message via the Contact page of this website.  I will be supporing the Day of Mindfulness Self-Compassion with Ali Lambie (Oxford, 14 March 2020).

I am happy to discuss any individual requirements for workshops in healthcare or other settings. These will be tailored to your needs, and will be priced accordingly.

I have also completed the .b!, Paws b and .bFoundations training for the Mindfulness in Schools project, and would be delighted to hear from you if you would like to bring this "taster" of mindfulness into your school.

I have worked with clients, facilitating everything from Taster sessions to full courses and Day Retreats, from Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Trust, the Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Trust, The Fountain Centre, healthcare professionals peer support groups, Wellington College, St Catherine's, Priorsfield, Claremont Fan Court School, Charterhouse, Customer Essentials, RSA Insurance, More House School, Guildford College, Collingwood College amongst others.  Self-referred clients include those from Waverley Borough Council, the Holistic Centre, Godalming and the general public wanting to live a fuller, less stressful and more creative life.  Do get in touch if you feel you would like to explore mindfulness either for yourself or your workplace.



If you would like to pursue some additional reading, the following may be of interest:

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- Heal Thy Self: Lessons on Mindfulness in Medicine, Saki Santorelli
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- Mindfulness in Eight Weeks, Michael Chaskalson
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If you would like to take your Practice further, additional information for Courses in the UK may be found at:

- www.bangor.ac.uk/mindfulness, for the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice.

- www.bemindful.co.uk, mindfulness as promoted by the Mental Health Foundation.

- www.umassmed.edu/cfm, for the Center for Mindfulness at University of Massachusetts Medical School