Just breathing.  Perhaps simply taking a moment to notice breathing and the movement of the breath in the body.  Taking a moment to "go back to basics" and re-connect with the breath.  It is all to easy to seek new experiences and different ways of bringing mindfulness into our lives ... and to get carried away with these new quests.  It's also helpful to remember that we already know how to be mindful and that we have a constant, vibrant reminder with us at all times if only we pay it some attention.
Returning to mindfulness is only a breath away.

More moments...

Thank you to all who have attended my courses, retreats or have been connected in any way.  Our sharing of experience and co-created learning has led to my registration as a member of BAMBA British Association of Mindfulness-Based Approaches (formerly the UK Teachers Network Listing (website)).

ALL FACE-TO-FACE OFFERINGS SUSPENDED in accordance with Government advice

The Oxford Mindfulness Centre have created a free online offering to support your practice. 
Details can be found on their website here:
I look forward to seeing some of you virtually!

Please do feel free to get in touch if you would like to book a telephone chat to revitalise your mindfulness practice
or if you are interested in an 8-week (Mindfulness for Life) course starting 1 October 2020.

A Day of Mindfulness often helps us to re-connect with our practice and  re-evaluate what's best for our well-being.  Each Day is open to anyone with experience of mbsr meditation (e.g. completion of 8-week course or an on-line course or a distance learning course).  The day is held mainly in silence to allow deep connection with personal mindfulness experience and interconnection with the group.  We will re-visit all formal practices of the 8-week course during the day.

A Day of Mindfulness at Home.  Given the challenges offered by current world events, a day (or half-day) retreat at home may be a skilful way of using the time to take care of yourself and your mental health.  It is helpful to set yourself a rough schedule of formal practices for the time that you have available, and to protect the time for your retreat (by switching off phones, devices etc and telling people that you be unavailable at this time).  Set your intention to attend to your experience moment by moment, as we would do on a group retreat day.  Remember to extend your mindfulness to the ordinary things (e.g. making a cup of tea, drinking and eating, washing up) as well as to the formal practices of sitting, walking, and doing the body scan.  Experiment with mixing up the practices between stillness and walking, guided (with an audio recording) and silence.  Sometimes it's helpful to have a theme to reflect on, for example, the role kindness plays in your life, or gratitude and appreciation, or establishing equanimity.  Please feel free to email me if you would like to share your experiences of a Day of Mindfulness at Home.  Keep safe & well!

The Day of Mindfulness at The Fintry Trust, Brook, Godalming was an rich experience, and we were lucky enough with the weather to be able to practice in their beautiful gardens.  The next Day of Mindfulness at Fintry will be announced here. Cost £40 (please bring your own packed lunch; refreshments provided).  Please contact me for details or if you wish to request a concessionary rate.  Details about Fintry can be found on their website.

In-person Day Retreats will be offered in the autumn if possible in accordance with Government guidelines.

The next Day Retreat (9.30am - 3.30pm/4pm) at Hascombe will be announced here  (please bring your own packed lunch; refreshments provided). Cost £40. Please contact me for details or if you wish to request a concessionary rate.

The next Saturday Day Retreat (9.30am - 3.30pm/4pm) at Hascombe will be announced here (please bring your own packed lunch; refreshments provided). Cost £40. Please contact me for details or if you wish to request a concessionary rate.

Please do feel free to get in touch by email if you would like a telephone chat to revitalise your mindfulness practice.

These Day Retreats will be based on some of the themes of the new "Mindfulness: Taking it further" (previously,"Deepening and Sustaining Mindfulness for Life") curriculum that has just been released by Oxford Mindfulness Centre.  There will be short interactive exercises to highlight themes which might encourage and support our on-going mindfulness practice.  The majority of the day will be held in silence.

If you would like to attend future days or 'top-up practice sessions', please let me know and I will add you to the mailing list.

Follow On course:  The Present.  A new 7-session course to help rejuvenate your practice and bring a new perspective to your approach to mindfulness and life.  Dates will be announced here - but do feel free to get in touch if you are interested.

For those interested in more mindfulness training and opportunities, the Oxford Mindfulness Centre is running Masterclasses for the MBCT course.  

Other training opportunities can be found on CMRP Bangor's website.  Or on the BAMBA British Association of Mindfulness-Based Approaches website (formerly UK Network of Mindfulness Teachers' website).  If you are already a mindfulness teacher and are looking to connect with other teachers, please refer to Friends of Bangor website. 

The Mindfulness in Schools Project.  Please go direct to their website for details.  If anyone is interested in bringing this Programme to their school in the future, please do get in touch.

You can access the guided meditations that we use on the course here: CD 1 and CD 2.  Please may I respectfully remind you that these are made available to support the course and for your personal use only.

What graduates are saying...

M writes:
Thanks for the motivation and inspiration to get me started on the mindfulness path.

A writes:
It has given me a different perspective on life.  I feel better for it and I really enjoyed it.

M writes
Thank you for passing on some real life changing tips

N writes:
I can't express how much of a change you have brought into my life!  Thank you for your dedication.

R writes:
Thank you ... it has been challenging but superb!

S writes:
You have literally changed my life.  Thank you for running these courses.

O writes:
You have a gentleness and joie de vivre that invites us to walk the path of mindfulness with you.

M writes:
Thank you so much for the care you have shown each of us on the course ..... you are a great example of mindfulness in action!

M writes:
Thank you for being a gentle and truthful teacher.  The subtlety of your teaching has really stayed with me ... I can at times sit with an awareness and gratitude to my harder lessons in life because of your style of teaching.

V writes:
Thanks so much for the course, which I have gained a great deal from for both myself, my clients and the kids at school. It was a privilege to share the experience with such a warm and engaging group.

M writes:
"I would like to thank you for your insightful, intuitive and profound guidance .... I am really enjoying my (albeit at times, challenging) journey.  Who would have thought that 5 minutes of mindful awareness could bring me so much.  Above all thank you for your compassion ..... thank you for being such a generous spirit."

Javier writes:
"... I love it that you walk the talk ..."

Sarra Whicheloe, Iyengar Yoga Teacher writes:

"A person who truly cares, Gill is a gentle and sensitive teacher.  This course has taught me an essential life skill".  If you would like to contact Sarra, please see her website.

Judi writes:
"What a wonderful course.  I very much enjoyed the whole thing and I learned so much.  Mindfulness is now my way of life!"

Ian writes:
"Interesting, insightful and have taken away everyday practices that can be applied whenever and wherever"

Others write/report:
".... I was worried aboout whether I could remain in silence for a whole day ... but the Day Retreat was a delight!  Thank you for holding the space open for us in such a gentle way ...."
".... it has been lovely to experience your kindness first hand.  Thank you for introducing me to mindfulness."
".... thank you for helping me recognise my thoughts ... and to know that I can choose which ones to follow!...... "
".... thank you for introducing me to 'the bucketful of kindness'.  I take it everywhere with me now!.... "
".... I have found mindfulness to be very helpful with the more difficult things that life has thrown at me [since completing the course] ..." (a course graduate on returning to a Follow On practice day)
".... something profound happened ... thank you for holding the space for it to unfold ...."
".... I was surprised that I could feel so comfortable with the group ... even though they were strangers!"
".... I felt very safe and secure in your group sessions, so it was easy to share my experiences (even the difficult ones) ... "
".... and mindfulness to be an absolutely essential part of my recovery ..."
".... amazing, reassuring, found it helpful having the volunteer co-facilitating the group ..."
".... the mindful walking was the most useful, as we walk all the time ...."
".... positively challenging, the group motivates .... "
".... the course has encouraged me to make some important changes ...."
".... thank you for walking the first few feet on the mindfulness path with me ...."
".... thank you for teaching me that everything in life can be a mindfulness teacher ...."
".... you have made me enthusiastic about Mindfulness, by experiencing what it has done for me and by witnessing the changes within the group ..."
".... you had a delicate way of introducing us to the key skills of mindfulness; and so it was easier to engage with the practice and wait to see what unfolded ..."