How   do we become more mindful?

By simply by becoming aware of our experience in every moment of our day

Perhaps by becoming aware of what you are feeling right now as you read this.  Are you aware of your body where it meets your seat? The sensations of touch and pressure, warmth or coolness?  Or, are you aware of your breath or your thoughts?  Has your mind already started to decide whether it likes or dislikes the content or style of this writing? Are you already judging what you are reading by how it looks on the page?

By tuning into your experience as it is now, you are already practising the art of being mindful.

Or, by choosing to make time for formal meditation practice

Perhaps by attending a mindfulness-based stress reduction course (see details on Where next? page), or doing the on-line course at or finding a teacher to guide you through the many options available now.  Please do get in touch if you would like help getting started.  I am always happy to hear from you.

How could this help me?

Medical and scientific research studies have shown that both formal and informal secular mindfulness practices have profound effects on our brains, minds and bodies, and the evidence continues to grow.

Everyone is different and their experience of mindfulness will be different, but participants on courses have found that they are:

  • Better at coping with stress, anxiety and panic
  • Calmer and more confident
  • Respond more effectively
  • Less judgmental of themselves and others
  • Better at communicating their needs
  • More self-compassionate
  • More inclined to seek control over what can be improved, and let go of what can't